Pati Bumi Mina Tani


One of the old school in Pati hemisphere who two years ago held a 20th birthday party with a force that is Gold 1975-1995. Our Vision is to be achieved ‘excellence in achievement, commendable certain character, spirit SELF “. I hope all school stakeholders able to synergize in order to realize the ideals we all, as our vision.

Since I was in middle school two families, namely in March 1988 up to now been a change of Principal among others: Bp. H. Soetarno, B.A., Bp. H. Sarimin Walujo Djati; Bp. Drs. Achmadun; and now is Bp. Sri Hartono.
From each of the principal characters and lines have different policies, but the point is just trying to promote the schools and their students

In the framework of the anniversary of independence to the 65th anniversary of the city and Pati, right on the date of August 8, 2010 people flocked to witness the event an annual five cars ornamental creativity that followed the various agencies and schools.

Each institution has been determined in accordance with the theme, so that the view of each car is different follow the theme in question. SMP Negeri 2 Pati get sweatshop rations during the Dutch colonial era. However, in comparison with culture results, then junior 2 Starch fill in the back of a car with distinctive cultural order that is Tayub Pati.

Overall for the carnival this time is less good on the side of the gap between participants, so it is always accompanied by motorcycles and cars causing spectators milling grain less attractive. Hopefully in the coming era of better coordination of the organizers.

Carnival time for junior high and equal level, then as a champion I, then followed with a junior high school and junior high five Pati. This information was obtained through announcements in the ceremony to Ri Dirgahayu 65 field Pati Simpang Lima. Hopefully able to please not only the principal liver, but also people who love the Junior Pati Pati second.

Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Allah who has to reconcile his servant with the most holly month, that every second, hour, day, full of reward value. “O Allah give strength to ourselves and our descendants to be able to carry out your fast with a good command” Marhaban Yes Ramadan.

That piece of prayer who is a representation of a sense of joy to meet again with the full month of forgiveness, full of grace and full of grace. Junior 2 Starch as an institution that stood in the middle of society Plangitan and Castle, then it becomes an annual tradition always perform Tarawih together students, teachers and TU, and the surrounding community.

For those of you who get a quota to fill kultum, you can click here as a reference to call. CONGRATULATIONS to practice fasting, hopefully exposed ourselves SOUL TO THE NET


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